Agricultural Irrigation Supplies

Irrigation methods in modern agriculture are numerous. Each farm sources water according to its environment, be it from springs, wells, rivers, lakes, reservoirs or from such non-conventional sources as desalinated seawater or treated waste/drainage water. Regardless of the irrigation method or water source, Joshi Agro Industries self-cleaning irrigation filters can help extend the life of, and lower the maintenance on, irrigation systems.

Irrigation systems including sprinkler/overhead, solid-set, center pivot, lateral move, (side roll, wheel line) drip, spray, micro-sprinkler, bubbler, surface/flood (furrow, borderstrip, or basin) can all benefit from incorporating a Joshi Agro Industries irrigation water filter. Whether water travels through pipes from the water source through valves to sprinklers, or is applied directly to crops (as in flood irrigation), water quality is a fundamental concern.


Use of a Joshi Agro Industries self-cleaning filter extends the life-span of valves, mainlines, and lateral lines and ensures quality of the clean water supply. While sand and silt may be a primary concern, it can be equally important to filter organic matter. Algae often grows inside irrigation systems, especially in drip tubes where a buildup of organic matter can reduce flow capacity and trap inorganic debris, reducing and even blocking flow.

Many irrigation systems are divided into zones. Joshi Agro Industries irrigation water-filters clean sufficient amounts of source water for application to multiple zones. The continuous and automatic operation of Joshi Agro Industries irrigation filters will not interfere with pressure and watering time regulators such as solenoid valves, and irrigation controllers (mechanical or electrical). Joshi Agro Industries irrigation filters are most effectively installed in close proximity to the discharge of the system's main pump.

Common requirements for agricultural irrigation dictate a filtration degree ranging from 75-500μ.

Typical Applications:
Spray Nozzle Protection
Sprinkler Head Protection
Emitter Protection
Drip Irrigation