Industrial Water Filters

Expert design allows Joshi Agro industrial water filters to comply with the rigid standards of the industrial sector. Joshi Agro Industries offers industrial water filtration systems for cooling, intake, process, service and wastewater environments.

Joshi Agro Industries industrial water filtration engineers, can help your facility in the transition from an open system to one that recycles process water, or can simply provide a filter for an existing closed-loop system. In a global climate of increasing water scarcity, Joshi Agro Industries industrial water filters will effectively reduce your company's water footprint by reducing backwash volumes. Reduced backwash volumes will help save substantially on water costs over time.

Joshi Agro Industries sizes each industrial water filter to meet the specific demands of its environment, taking into consideration parameters such as water source, flow rate, pressure, available space and existing pipelines.


When dirty water circulates in industrial water systems, scale buildup, fouling, and clogged equipment can mean thousands of dollars in maintenance, repairs and replacement equipment each year. Our maintenance-free equipment eliminates the need for these costly replacements by removing suspended particulates from the source water. A Joshi Agro Industries industrial water filter will save on time, water and money.

Joshi Agro Industries industrial water filters function optimally in a wide range of facilities and effectively remove all types of debris including organic fibers, sand, silt, metal shavings and more from water supplies. Our industrial water filtration systems are used to protect a wide range of equipment and are always sized with screens that capture the debris of main concern.